"An Alternate, Humorous State of Mind"

Enter Chapin's World:

Early in J. G. Chapin’s adult life he began to recount experiences of his childhood. His wife, Connie, aka Sunshine, edited the rough writings thereby making them greatly improved. Each story grew with the rewrites to become exaggerated tall tales. Written and intended to build the reader’s self-esteem, Chapin’s narratives will make you appreciate yourself and your life. 

In looking over his body of works, something occurred to Chapin over an over again; his family handled problems by finding humor in the situation. Then, took it to the point of ridiculous, and thereby shrunk the problem to a manageable size. Evidently a marriage and two children has now brought out the ‘dormant brilliance’ of Chapin’s World. Keep in mind that some of his tales did have some basis of truth, but with several ill-conceived paragraphs and one deep breath, Chapin halted that absurdity. By himself, the author has stood alone as a vast storehouse of worthless, yard-sale-valued memories and nearly forgotten calamities.

The result has been many spoof-ridden stories of Chapin’s hunting prowess, family outings and backyard adventures. Take fifteen minutes and study the contents of any one of these tall tales (Ok, subjecting yourself for fifteen seconds to this sort of mental anguish is more than enough exposure!) It is with the author’s deepest regrets that he first had to suffer through the misfortunes, and now they’re written down for all to see. 

Remember Chapin’s World WARP drive mentality? That is ‘where all reality perishes.’ Are you still reading with the scrutiny of sane logic? Stop it! Don’t be so literal. Indulge yourself with a lighthearted (or lightheaded) escape into Chapin’s World. All it can offer you at the moment is a one-way ticket away from spending all day in reality.